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M&W JAWO Handling raw coal sampling system is an integrated part of the control system available to the power plant operators. The sampling system provides the operator with the means of executing the extraction and preparation of representative samples of the coal. The sample size is suitable for making laboratory analysis.

The M&W JAWO Handling raw coal sampling system operates in accordance with approved international standards.

The results of the laboratory tests performed on the basis of the representative samples prepared by the sampling system are used for: 

  • Calculating the payment due for each batch of coal supplied
  • Adjusting the coal flow to the mills
  • Calculating the amount of by-products from each batch of coal
  • Calculating the emissions from each batch of coal
  • Calculating the blending of various coal batches to obtain maximum output from the power plant


Modular Sampling System  
M&W Jawo Handling has developed a module-built sampling system, especially for sampling of cement clinkers.

The system consists of a chain bucket sampler, which is adjusted individually, and of various modules such as vibrating feeders, crushers, dividers, mills, mixers and blowers for return of reject material. Apart from this also service platforms are offered.

In addition to the above, the system can be connected to e.g. a pipe system for delivery of the sample directly to the laboratory. This sample will typically be approx 0.2 liter with a grain size of less than 200 micron.



Modular system for cement clinkers

Sampling: M&W JAWO Handling provides samplers either specially designed for customer application or selected from our range of standard products, which includes chute samplers, cross belt bucket samplers, cross belt hammer samplers, chain bucket samplers, bucket samplers, screw samplers, flap valves and many others. M&W JAWO Handling can also deliver a wide variety of manual samplers.
  • Cross Belt Hammer Sampler
  • Cross Belt Bucket Sampler
  • Chute Sampler, Type FP
  • Chute Sampler, Type FPMX
  • Screw Sampler, Type SMX
  • Screw Sampler, Type SCR
  • Air Slide Sampler


● Cross Belt Hammer Sampler 

● Screw Sampler



M&W JAWO Handling provides a wide range of sample dividers, e.g. rotary tube dividers with stepless splitting ratio as well as dividers with fixed splitting ratio, or sample dividers for dividing into 2-3-4 or more samples, all in accordance with the rules for representative sampling and sample preparation.

  • Rotary Tube Divider
  • Rotary Tube Dividing Plant
  • Mobile Dividing Plant
  • Riffle Divider
  • Spinning Riffle Divider Plant
  • Disc Divider